Mutiny: BVI
Mutiny: BVI

A Reality TV Show

Sizzle Reel shot on location July 2013 and is now in post production, preparing for pitch in 2014. In discussions with interested advertisers and sponsors.

America Doesn't Know It Needs A Sailing Show

Mutiny: BVI Video

Participation in recreational boating is approaching 40% of adults (10% of whom are African American) plus 20% of households own a boat and over 1/3 have incomes between $50K and $100K.

Mutiny! The British Virgin Islands is a travel show with drama. Every week viewers will set sail on a fast-paced, emotional, funny and rewarding series of land and sea talent-challenging exploits that will rivet the viewers' attention and carry them on a journey to world's they may not have experienced, but are within their grasp. A show they'll wish to experience week after week.